Re-Imagining Car Parking Shades

Shade + Energy + Water = Sustainable Parking Shades 

Introducing a smart and sustainable car parking shade. We offer an alternative to parking sheds. Designed with sophistication, these parking canopies can harvest rainwater and generate solar power, helping you create a carbon neutral car park.

Solar powered lights

 Stainless steel body

Lower GST

10 years warranty

In-built battery

Imported materials

Continuous Covered Parking Shade

Install car parking canopies in a continuous row or column. An optional membrane is installed on the parking canopies to create a continuous rain-proof car park covering.

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Designed and manufactured by ThinkPhi, our car parking shade performs the most basic function of giving vehicles protection from the elements. However, we take it a step further by ensuring the design is premium and incorporates sustainable technology. This is the future of car parking roofs and shading systems. 

Our products are crafted to encourage sustainable development. Designed as an upside-down umbrella or 'ulta chaata', it harvests rainwater and taps into solar energy to power devices. 

"This Clean Tech Startup has spark

to change the world"

"Thinkphi is an innovative company creating disruptive solutions to environmental problems"

"Thinkphi 'thinks' of a smart way to

conserve rainwater"


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