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Passionate about Sustainability. Committed to building intelligent outdoor spaces.

We believe that sustainable technology and infrastructure coupled with na understanding of how people use spaces of the present and the future, have the power to transform spaces.

While placemaking is the concept of the now, we focus on how to activate under-utilised spaces in the outdoors by using smart canopies and harnessing the potential of the space under them by understanding usage patterns and gathering data to connect services to people.



Nature’s laboratory has a wealth of inspiration to offer. To operate with a truly sustainable mindset, we must think like and learn from nature, always.


Simple, smart technology  which are underpinned by thorough execution, have the power to change the world.


We are responsible for the processes we adopt and materials we use in making our products. Our responsibility begins with saving the planet and ends with delivering amazing products to our customers.


The trinity of nature, technology and people centric design is a dynamic combination that enables us to create products that are sustainable in every way.


Saved 1.25 Million Kgs of Carbon Dioxide Emissions


Customer success is the most rewarding recognition at ThinkPhi. Industry recognitions and certifications take us beyond the ordinary.

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