Make your outdoor spaces sustainable

Covered car parking

Access Multiple Applications

P product series is an energised shading canopy that can be utilized to provide energy to your local grid, mobile charging, device charging, or work as an EV charging station. 


UPL car charging

Smart Canopy with Solar Power

Designed to standout from the crowd, P product series not only provides functionality but also generates returns through solar power and rainwater harvesting.  

Solar car parks

Dusk to Dawn Lighting 

Automated sensors allow P product series to illuminate the area once the sun sets and stays on throughout the night. 

Water Grid Connection

Several P product series units can be installed together to collect large amounts of water and connect to a storage tank or UV filtration system. P product series makes harvesting water easy and sustainable development a reality. 


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Electric Charging

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Outdoor Spaces

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Smart Cities

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Datasheet Preview

Model 1080E