12 misconceptions of sustainable technology you may have

Sustainable technology is a trending buzzword, yet people fail to adopt it. One of the biggest reasons for this is that people don’t understand sustainable tech and that it can be very effective at creating a balance between development and climate change.

Sustainable technology has various meanings to different people - leading to some popular misconceptions around sustainable technology inventions, like the ones listed below:

1. Sustainable technology is expensive

4 in 5 consumers have the negative perception that eco-conscious products are cost-prohibitive. While this was true in the past, there are many products available in the market today that are - affordable, eco-friendly, and sustainable - all at the same time. To realize the cost-effectiveness of sustainable technology products, you have to look upon them as a long-term investment and wait to see the results.

2. Sustainable products are not accessible

Only 12% of the respondents from a study assessing consumer behavior towards green goods cited non-availability as a reason to not opt for eco-friendly goods.

However, if you turn to retailers, both online and on the high street, you will find an increasing range of sustainable products on offer.

3. Sustainable technology inventions take over your responsibilities

Most consumers think that once they buy an eco-friendly product, their responsibility towards creating a sustainable tomorrow ends. What they forget is the need to optimally utilize the purchased product, and that this alone will make any ‘real’ impact.

4. Recycling is everything

Imagine, if you recycle virgin materials like plastic, and at the same time, you choose to drive forty miles to work in a petrol car over the use of public transport, then your contribution to a sustainable environment is not quite justified. Remember, recycling and reusing are important, but they’re not everything!

5. We need new sustainable technology inventions to save the planet

Not always! Sometimes, it’s not about re-inventing, but re-thinking the existing technology. For example, the world’s most advanced car parking shade is the same old technology, designed in an innovative way.

6. Sustainability will lower our standard of life

This misconception is quite common. Most out there believe that sustainable products lack the luster, finish, and the brand statement that their unsustainable counterparts offer. This is a big reason why fashionistas and other social butterflies may talk about the importance of a sustainable environment, but not really use eco-friendly products themselves. Good sustainable technology is driven by good design. Well-designed products last longer, impacting both sustainability and standard of life.

7. Sustainable technology inventions are science fiction

Eco-friendly products like bamboo toothbrushes, recyclable fabric and apparels, stainless steel bottles, and a whole lot of other items are already becoming a part and parcel of our lifestyle, to clear this misconception, at least.

8. Sustainability and ‘Going Green’ mean the same

No! ‘Going Green’ is only one of the many ways you can create a sustainable environment, while sustainability in itself goes far beyond the environment and is also about efficient management of resources for economic development.

9. Sustainability is a time-consuming job

Anything done for us, our future generations, and our Mother Earth will not be pointless. Every single second spent will give impactful and extraordinary results, which would benefit us in the long run. In fact, there wouldn’t be a world fit to live in and save time for doing anything else at all, if people didn't take the time out for endeavors related to sustainability.

10. Sustainable technology inventions are not profitable

Companies often think that investing in sustainable technology inventions will only help create a responsible image of the company, but does not really offer any business advantage. Huge misconception here! Striving for sustainability in a process or product will help a company create more with finite resources. More importantly, sustainable technology helps organization reduce their energy consumption, which helps bring a ROI.

11. Sustainable technology is boring

No one is telling you to live in a bamboo house or to stop using the Internet! Choosing to walk down to a place that’s some twenty odd steps away from your house or office is not just about saving fuel, alright? It’s equally about your health and recreation too. It all depends on what you make of your eco-friendly initiatives.

12. Sustainability is just a fad

And we just couldn’t complete the list without mentioning this. While the world may be talking about the advantages of sustainable development, some people will outrightly reject the idea to take it seriously, dismissing it as a short-lived craze of sorts. No, sustainability is not a trend; it’s the need of the hour!

Having a blurred comprehension of sustainability and its associated inventions can become a roadblock in the positive evolution of our personal and professional growth. Don’t just form an opinion and sit back. Find out why sustainable development is for everyone to care for.

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