4 Sustainable Building Technologies

Today, most builders are embracing the idea of creating greener, cleaner spaces for their customers. But, the question is - are they successful in truly achieving their objective? Without integrating sustainable technology in your construction process you are not truly fulfilling your goal of providing cleaner, greener spaces.

Contrary to popular belief, going green is not merely about creating green spaces around us. Going green is about adopting practices that lead us to an environmentally beneficial, ecologically balanced future. And, the companies that are embracing sustainable technology in construction are doing just that. Now, what are the sustainable technologies in construction? Various sustainable technologies are available that rely on renewable resources that have a positive impact on the environment and us.

1. Green Insulation

We tend to use fibreglass insulation even when it has been established that there are severe health problems linked with it. Construction companies now have an easier alternative in green insulation, which utilises recyclable materials. Materials such as old denim and newspaper can be used as a replacement to fibreglass, and you’d prevent the many health effects associated with it such as skin irritation, respiratory tract irritation, and soreness in the throat. However, health is not the only reason. You must note that adopting these materials is a step in the right direction as it leads to the welcome practice of using sustainable technology in construction.

2. Cool Roofs

Homes in the tropical world are subject to intense heat during summers. Intense heat leads to an equally intense need for air conditioners to remain cool inside. With our planet warming further, it’s no surprise that the demand for air conditioners remains equally high. But, air conditioners are responsible for the 54% rise in hydrofluorocarbon or HFC emission (a greenhouse gas). While we can’t change the prevailing temperatures on the outside, we can certainly integrate sustainable technologies in construction to remain cool on the inside. Buildings that use cool roofs – a green design technology that essentially reflects back harsh sunlight, reduces the absorption of heat, and brings down thermal remittance. When you opt for cool roofs, you don’t merely bring down temperatures, you also minimise HFC emission and reduce your electricity bills!

3. Self-Powered Buildings

There’s a lot one can achieve with a high-rise, especially in the construction field. A high-rise is a walking invitation for the implementation of sustainable technology in construction. The panoramic view aside, a high-rise building has the capacity to generate power on its own and sustain itself in the process. Strong wind currents that blow at an altitude, generate enough power if wind turbines are installed on the terrace. The energy that these wind turbines generate is enough to power the needs of the entire tower. Self-powered buildings are essentially zero-energy constructions, and the popularity of this concept is a win for advocates of sustainable development.

4. Smart Canopy

We also have the ‘Smart Canopy’, which can lead you to believe the structure is merely a shade. You can call it a shade, but it’s a shade unlike all others. This shade is capable of performing multiple functions such as accumulating rainwater, filtering out the impurities with its physical filtration system, accumulating solar energy when the sun shines, storing it, and converting the same into light in the evenings when the sun sets. Not only that, the canopy (1080W) acts as a shade in the walkways, and perhaps the poolside, and bring about a major improvement in the aesthetic quality of the areas.

The building technologies that we adopt directly determine the landscape we’re to be a part of. And, we’re also the ones to face the consequences of making short-sighted choices. It’s best to slowly transition to sustainable technologies in construction to prevent unpleasant outcomes for ourselves and the ones who come next. We believe that sustainable technology is the answer to a cleaner, greener, healthier future, and we are determinedly doing our part with inventions such as the ‘Smart Canopy’.

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Technology for Sustainable Outdoor Spaces