Is sustainability still important in 2018?

Ever wondered what would happen if the ill-effects of climate-change leads to a world that is a complete desert or one that is overtaken by the sea? Well, this is not something most people think but that doesn’t change the fact that our actions over the centuries have endangered the planet.

The good news is that there is a growing emphasis on sustainable economic development. Governments across the world are taking the necessary steps to incorporate sustainability goals into their policies. Columbia has decided by Presidential decree to align their national development plans with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. Bangladesh has already adopted nine of the eleven SDGs as part of its five year plan. Other countries that have actively contributed to sustainability trends are the United States, Germany, Ghana, and Chad to name a few.

In spite of several initiatives all over the world, the question of the importance of sustainability still remains. People are aware of the importance of preserving the environment, but how important is that and where does it lie on their priority list today? While many people causally toss the idea of environmental sustainability there are strong reasons as to why it does matter in 2018.

Reasons why sustainability is still important

The need to reduce the carbon footprint

Carbon emissions is a root cause of global warming, and we must collectively work towards reducing our global carbon footprint. Many countries are already moving in the right direction. Countries like China and Mexico have opted for an Emissions Trading Scheme to achieve their goal, whereas nations like Canada have resorted to carbon tax as a measure to curb harmful emissions. Even the U.S. has stepped up its efforts on the carbon reduction front by finding innovative ways to harness renewable energy. Key investors, such as the World Bank, the AXA and Bank ING have ceased funding for fossil fuel projects in their pursuit to reduce the carbon footprint.

The larger our carbon footprint, the higher our impact on footprint is on the world.

The sustainable development goals by the UN

If you’re still wondering whether or not sustainability is prioritized in the world, then understanding the UN’s initiatives toward the environment can be an eye opener. The Sustainable Development Goals were a set of 17 goals set by the UN in 2015 to counter the effects of global warming. In consideration with these goals, the UN has come up with multiple initiatives for people in different parts of the world. Some of these goals are to end poverty and all its forms everywhere, end hunger, achieve security in terms of basic necessities, promote good health, provide quality education, and reduce inequality.

Growing innovations in the field of green technology

The field of green technology has gained traction in recent years and this has led to many innovations in the area. Some of the coolest innovations in this area include an energy generating football field. With every kick and pass on this field, players are generating enough power to light up the entire area. The field comprises of tiles that convert kinetic energy to off-grid electricity.

Another interesting innovation in the area of sustainable technology is the smart canopy, a smart shading system that can be easily installed anywhere and everywhere to provide shade. It uses solar energy to power up at night and to convert rainwater into potable water. This ThinkPhi’s innovation is not just multi-functional utility, but also an aesthetically appealing product. With such innovations, the world is moving towards becoming a better and healthy place to live in. Such initiatives are the best combinations of green technology, innovation, and high utility.

There should be no doubt about the importance of sustainability in 2018. The world should not just look at progress but also sustainable economic development to reduce the impact of pollution, carbon emissions and more.

The answer to sustainability lies in the increase of the number of initiatives and innovations in the field of renewable energy. As innovators in the field of green technology, ThinkPhi has successfully merged economic development with an environmental cause. With innovations like the smart canopy, we aim to contribute actively to the collective goal of sustainable practices.

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