Making Sustainable Technology a Reality

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Living in harmony with nature

Modern architecture has moved beyond just aesthetics. Architects and urban designers are expected to create structures that are beautiful, functional and contribute to a sustainable environment. With cities becoming urban concrete jungles, sustainable development has become a critical issue. At ThinkPhi, the question we constantly ponder is how can we use sustainable technology to improve the world we live in.

Design is Key

Modern architects want to promise a combination of all these expectations of the customers:

  • Convenience

  • Efficiency

  • Durability

  • Elegance

Concept is crucial for good design. In these times of resource crunch and the fear that steel and concrete are evicting nature, a concept, that makes Mother Nature’s original ideas walk hand-in-hand with urban needs, will come out a winner as a sustainable solution.

THINKPHI’S Sustainable Solution

What if convenience and aesthetics can be married to fairy tale perfection? What if the most advanced shading system you installed turned heads in admiration?

That is exactly where we step in with a set of multifunctional smart canopies that are both unique in service and elegant in appearance. They provide shade, collect rainwater, and even use solar energy light the area at night. These designs are turning tiny pockets of spaces into oases of shade and water. This sustainable technology is available to urban planners, architects, and builders.

We have created the world’s most advanced shade that combines the concepts of aesthetic beauty, functionality, and sustainable technology.

Making Sustainable Technology Accessible

Imagine placing a smart shade in a car park, playground, metro station, or other such locations. It would not only provide shade and aesthetic value, but also harvest rainwater and convert solar energy into electricity.

Models 1080W and 1080E blend these ideas to make clean energy from the sun to give you light at night, and provide shade, collect and filter rainwater.

A Sneak-Peek into the Benefits of 1080:

  • Square canopies of varying sizes to meet a wide variety of needs

  • Technical textile with PVDF coating —high Solar Refractive Index (SRI rating) deflects heat out and filters cool light in during the day

  • High wind tolerance to brace strong air currents during storms

  • Self-supportive stable structures, fairly easy to install

  • Water harvesting system with filtration facility, collecting thousands of liters of rainwater annually

  • Solar panel on canopy providing energy for light at night, ensuring safety and visibility

  • Solar-sourced electricity can be saved in batteries or sold to the grid

  • Saves money leading to cost recovery over time

  • Can be installed in residential, corporate, or public areas such as malls, toll booths, bus stops, parking lots, MRT and railway stations, airports, open markets, parks, pool-side seating, university campuses and event spaces

  • Easy and quick installation

Life’s experiences have taught us that dedicated design is not just a mere summation of its parts to take care of a problem. Effective design adds aesthetic appeal, functionality, and sustainable development to a location. Recent researches in architectural designs reveal a subtle correlation between corporate communication and space designs, influencing our feelings and decision-making.

Call us today to start a conversation or email us at We’re ready for you with all our resources to answer any question. THINKPHI technology makes sustainable development a reality.

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