Sustainability Spotlight with Phi Space: Bringing the Inside, Out

As leaders in Outdoor Space Technology, here is what ThinkPhi has to say about what the future of open spaces in our cities could be.

The future outdoors is a functional, sustainable and connected space. In fact, one could say that the outdoors of the future would bear more resemblance to the indoors of the present. More importantly, a shift in the way people choose to live, work and play warrants a closer connection to nature and the outdoor environment, even in urban cities. As technology advances, the lines demarcating outdoor spaces and indoor ones are expected to become blurrier.

While decentralized technologies like off-grid solar have made it relatively easy to provide the power necessary to run the required equipment and spaces almost anywhere, it is the specialized technologies that will define the usability of outdoor spaces in the future. The ability to provide basic amenities like thermal comfort, connectivity and access to utilities is what will differentiate the outdoor spaces of the future from the ones we currently see.

And so, if the outdoors can be made functional and comfortable to enable activities then we would need to find creative ways to expand the outdoor footprint of real estate in urban cities.

A start that is indicative of this is the shifting ground-plane in cities. Open air terraces, sky gardens, rooftop terraces and podiums are providing areas exposed to the outdoors that will most certainly evolve in ways that adopt human-centric design to become activated spaces that provide fruitful means of engagement both socially and commercially.

Demonstrating thought leadership through an event co-hosted by ThinkPhi and Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) in Singapore, we moderated a discussion with some of the stalwarts of the industry including Mr. Tan SweeYiow (CEO, Keppel Land), Mr. Tann Szue Hann (Chairperson of Sustainability, Singapore Institute of Architects) and Mr. Ang Kian Seng (Group Director, Building and Construction Authority Singapore). The core discussion revolved around the concept of bringing the indoors into the outdoors, which brought out significant engagement from the attendees. The event ended with a quick survey that provided meaningful insight into the potential of outdoor spaces and their usability and very critically indicated that the off grid and connected spaces are the future.

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