The social benefits of working in groups

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much," said Helen Keller. This adage holds so very true when talking of working in groups. Working in Groups facilitates a set-up where individuals can collaboratively share their ideas, value cooperation, gain knowledge, produce productive outcomes, and make informed business decisions. This type of setting is common at workplaces, where individuals are assigned work in groups and each individual takes up responsibilities to work towards the accomplishment of a common goal. With diverse ideas and perspectives, a complex problem can be solved much sooner. Hence, working in groups can be one of the best ways a company can achieve optimum productivity, and high revenue and business growth. However, working with individuals having different personality types is a challenging endeavor and could also be a nightmare sometimes. Yet, there are distinct benefits that individuals can reap through a collective approach.

Benefits of working in groups

Working in groups opens up new opportunities for individuals to nurture themselves with skills that will help shape their career. Besides, the shared workload helps individuals take up more, new, and exciting assignments. So here’s why working in groups is important:

Effective learning - Every individual, throughout their career, strive to grow and attain more success. And to achieve that, an individual has to continuously update and improve his skill set. In addition to their academic skills, they have to learn new stuff that’s trending in a competitive market. One of the ways individuals can acquire effective knowledge in a new subject is by working collaboratively in a team. In a team, one can get a chance to closely work with people having expertise in different skills. Such a collaborative work environment fosters the development of not only technical but also non-technical skills. One can learn how their seniors think critically about a problem and make strategic decisions.

Soft skill development - To have an excelling career, employees are expected to not only have strong academic, technical, and functional skills but also strong soft skills. Only a few fortunate individuals have the inherent ability to build social capital just as well as financial capital. By working in a group, however, a person is exposed to an environment where they have to speak for themselves, exhibit leadership, come up with unique solutions, interact with clients, and get the assigned work done on time.

Leadership abilities - To bring about substantial social impact, individuals have to not only of solutions but also have a fair knowledge of negotiating with clients and communicating with team members. Put simply, individuals should have strong leadership traits to not only achieve project success but also impact society. A good leader knows what his project goals are, how to accomplish objectives rationally, how to have an empathetic relationship with the team, how to allocate resources responsibly, and how to communicate with vendors and clients and maintain absolute transparency in dealings. We have inspiring stories on how social entrepreneurs with great leadership abilities were able to achieve sustainable development goals. These great individuals were able to work with their team, assign roles and responsibilities, and exemplified the concept of sustainable development.

Conflict resolution- Within a team, when people with varying temperaments and from different backgrounds work together, there are high chances of resentments, disagreements and disputes. However, teamwork makes individuals interdependent, teaching them to deal with conflicts on amicably. When working in groups, individuals learn team dynamics, including open communication, interdependence and cooperation. These behavioral alterations not only positively impact an assignment at hand but also help make a difference in society.

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