ThinkPhi at Jurong Lake Gardens - National Parks, Singapore

Singapore, as part of the constant narrative of re-inventing its open spaces, has embarked on the ambitious Jurong Lake Gardens project under the aegis of the National Parks Board. ThinkPhi is proud to associate with Singapore's new 90 hectare national gardens and creating spaces for communities to come together.

ThinkPhi's Halo Connect outdoor space solution has been deployed in the form of a coach pick-up/drop-off point in the Lakeside Garden which is operational as of April 2019. In line with Singapore's mission of sustainability, the Halo Connect can harvest rainwater, which is re-used for local landscaping in the immediate vicinity and also utilizes solar power to provide functionality like wireless mobile and laptop charging for visitors who are waiting to be picked up or would just like a comfortable rest-stop. In addition to these visitors are also able to access more information regarding the Jurong Lake Gardens and other National Parks projects through an interactive touch screen integrated into the Halo Connect. The cloud connected screen also allows the park's administrative team to wireless stream useful content to visitors at the park - like information on way-finding, bus schedules, or maybe even third party display advertising.

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