What does a workplace mean to you? Part 1/2

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word, ‘workplace’? Usually, claustrophobic cubicles or outdated buildings are what are recalled when you think about typical workplaces. However, these definitions are changing, slowly but surely. With the latest wave of entrepreneurship, many businesses are being established and run by people in their mid-twenties and early thirties. This new generation is ditching the old, disengaging, unimaginative, and uncreative workplaces with new vibrant, fun, and creative ones. Some are even resorting to open workplaces, a concept that is literally breaking the walls and adopting an outdoor environment for working. Workplaces are being upgraded with the latest tech, providing employees flexible working hours, access to fitness and health centers, and much more. All these features are in complete contrast to what employees were used to, say, maybe even five or ten years ago. Let’s take a look at a few of the offerings of the modern-day workplace that helps improve the employees' productivity:

Tech infrastructure

Most of our work today depends on computers and internet devices. Workplaces are upgrading to the latest tech gadgets and infrastructure. These include the latest computers, high-speed internet connections, and the latest software. These devices have become a necessity for employees, especially for people involved in creative work, such as graphic designers and video editors. A lot of the time can be saved by using computing systems that can complete the required operations quickly. The initial investment for the hardware may seem high, but it can significantly improve the productivity of the employees, thereby proving cost-effective in the long run. Saving, say, even ten minutes, per employee, per project, can accumulate over a period of time and result in significant time savings for the organization. And the latest hardware and software can help save much more time than that.

Internet speeds, too, have increased while the costs have seen a decrease in recent years. A lot more work can be done if the employees depend upon the internet for their work with a high-speed internet connection. As with the upgrade to the latest hardware, an increase in the internet speed may seem insignificant on a daily basis. However, the results are visible when you calculate the benefits over a substantial period of time.

Another advantage of upgrading your workplace with the latest tech is providing employees with the option of remote working. Employees can be in touch with co-workers over the internet, attend meetings over video calls without physically being present at the workplace. Employees can maintain a healthy personal-professional life balance due to the availability of advanced technologies.

Health and wellness facilities

Workplaces are no longer restricted to only work activities. Employers are providing health and wellness center facilities to maintain the physical and mental health of the employees. Employee wellness programs have been introduced at modern workplaces, and both employers and employees are reaping their benefits alike. Major companies such as Google and Samsung have provided an on-campus gym facility for employees to de-stress and work-out. Yoga and meditation sessions, too, are conducted at many modern workplaces to take care of the mental health of the employees.

Fitness is not only restricted to the gym but also includes diet. Hence, workplaces have started providing nutritious meals to their employees. A dietician is appointed to prepare a daily meal chart for the employees, ensuring that all their nutritional needs are met in a healthy way. Thus, the overall health and wellbeing of the employees are being looked after by employers. Employees no longer need costly gym subscriptions and spend hours at the gym after work as their fitness needs can be seamlessly integrated at the workplace itself.

Flexible working hours

Gone are the days of the standard 9-5 jobs we were accustomed to. Employees are being provided with the option to work according to a time schedule as per their convenience. At the end of the day, its the work that is being evaluated instead of the working hours spent at the office. Work from home or ‘remote working’ is another concept that’s gaining mass popularity. Employees can avail work-from-home options without having to utilize their leaves, be at the comfort of their homes, and still fulfill their work commitments in case they have some minuscule task at home. Thus, employees can easily manage their personal and professional responsibilities in a convenient manner.

Workplaces and work cultures are changing, undoubtedly for the better. They are adapting more according to the needs of the employees. The benefits of a modern workplace are too vast to be summarized in one blog. The continuation of this blog talks about other benefits like shuttle services, paternity leaves, bringing pets to the office, and growth and networking opportunities that these workplaces offer.

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