Will the changing workplace create lasting behavioural changes?

Nowadays, almost every company aims to build a people-centric culture, where profits are the consequence of a happy and productive workforce. Hence, employees today are offered multiple benefits that include medical policies, discounted gym memberships, food coupons, travel expenses, and so much more. Another benefit offered to employees is a flexible workspace setup. The traditional office design trapped employees in cubicles, which employers soon realized is not-so-good an idea when creating a people-centric business culture. The new concept of flexible spaces offers employees a collaborative work environment where they can work, socialize, re-energize, roam, and play.

Changing the nature of the workplace

The nature of the workplace has evolved remarkably over the last few years. But for quite a while now, the collaborative workspace has been the new buzzword. In fact, the CBRE report on flexible spaces reveals that India leads in the flexible space market across Asia-Pacific. Realizing that the demand for flexibility is more than ever, corporates in India are vigorously embracing the new trend - flexible working setup. Actually, flexible working spaces are no more a trend; they have become the new normal.

The primary motive behind replacing rigid cubicles with inspiring designs and making workspaces flexible was to ensure employee happiness and mood upliftment. However, flexible workspaces offer additional benefits too. By using attractive, multi-use furniture, offices can not only add aesthetic value but also effectively utilize every square foot area of their workspace. This will lead to higher spatial efficiency and lower infrastructural expenses, benefitting employers largely. Besides, happy employees will be more productive at work, which will lead to higher sales generation.

Let’s now check out how this mainstream concept has impacted employees’ lives, personally and professionally both.

A boon to employee productivity and well-being

A study from the Gensler Research Institute reveals that the most significant factor that helps increase employee engagement, concentration, and productivity is their office environment. Employees spend a big part of their day in office. Providing an optimum office environment, like with flexible spaces, can help employees stay focused, energized, and boosted at work, always. Here’s how:

● Flexible spaces will allow employees to find a convenient and comfortable place for themselves. Spaces that allow for some amount of physical activity, as the flexible workspaces do, will help employees to improve their health and immune systems.

● Several studies have revealed the fact that nature is the best medicine to increase concentration, improve immunity, and also restore good mood. That being the case, break out zones and meeting areas can be moved to the outdoors to improve well-being and productivity. Good health and increased productivity will boost the confidence level of employees as well, leading to an improvement in their personal growth and development.

Impacting the employees’ behaviour

Shared workspaces will facilitate more interaction and communication amongst people holding different qualifications and skills. In such a stimulating and collaborative atmosphere, employees from different work domains can exchange ideas, work together on challenges, and also give insights on possible solutions. As a result, employees will see improvements in:

Social interaction skills

In a flexible working environment, employees get the freedom to roam around, initiate casual talks, exchange ideas, and make new friends. As a result, employees can improve their ability to communicate, socialize, and build strong relationships with their coworkers.


While interacting with coworkers, employees will come across new things that they probably never heard of before. This will help employees to increase their knowledge base and learn different skills. The confidence level of employees will improve, as a result.


To accomplish any project successfully, employees should have an open and communicative nature in the first place. Flexible workspaces allow employees to work collaboratively and clarify doubts with coworkers. In an environment where everyone works towards a common goal and communicates openly, success should naturally follow.

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