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HALO Connect is a patented, modular, solar powered outdoor workspace. An integrated Li-on battery backup allows off-grid charging for various portable and mobile devices.


Installation is within a few hours and requires zero civil work at your site.

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Future of working outdoors

It’s a beautiful, sunny day, with perfect weather, and you’re seated inside an overly air-conditioned office, hoping you were working in the outdoors which can give your productivity a boost. The future of work is to bring the inside out, and use the open spaces for focused working, lunch meetings, or just community gathering.

Integrated Workstation

Ergonomic outdoor furniture for easy brainstorming sessions under a cooling shade element. While you work or hang out, we have integrated charge points to charge multiple laptops. You can even wirelessly charge your phone while you work..

Solar powered and off-grid

Easy to maintain, high performance REC solar modules with integrated battery back up keep the space around the HALO powered for all functions, throughout the day and night.

Cloud Connected Screen

Don't worry about bad signals or data rates anymore, our integrated hot-spot feature lets you browse the net while sitting under the shade. You can also find useful content and offers displayed on the screen.


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