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Sustainable Outdoor Shade

Ulta Chaata product series is a versatile sustainable technology device that can be installed for multiple applications at your home or business. 

It is a modular shading structure that can be used for car parks, outdoor cafes, walkways, and recreational areas. 

40% cost saving in deploying outdoor covered spaces 

Using modular shading system that are off-grid

Our quick to deploy modular shading systems are self powered and can be deployed in a matter of hours

Cooler Shading

Using a tensile fabric with a high SRI (Solar Reflective Index) rating of 102, our canopies provide a better cooling effect. 

Solar Lighting System

Ulta Chaata product series lights up in the night utilizing solar power stored in Li-on battery packs, which reduces your power costs. 

Harvests Rainwater

Water is harvested by the smart canopy during the rainy season and can be stored for later use.

Access Clean Water

Ulta Chaata product series incorporates an optional filtration system that removes solid particles and reduces turbidity in the harvested water

Quick & Easy Installation 

As a light-weight but high wind tolerance structure, the

Ulta Chaata is a smart canopy that can be installed in 2 to 3 hours and requires minimum onsite preparation.


Parking Space

Smart Cities

EV Charging Space


Outdoor Work Space


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